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Our specialty is vintage and older sewing machines, including treadles, circa 1985 and earlier. Older machines are usually very well-made and can be brought back to good working order. We especially love working on old Singers, Kenmores, Whites, and "Japanese clones." We can work on modern plastic machines, but not those with computer components. NOTE: Modern inexpensive plastic machines are intended by the manufacturer to be throw-aways and often cannot be repaired.

Hours and Location
We offer personalized service, advice, and tune-ups. Contact us to make an appointment Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday, 10 am to 5 pm. Together, we will look at the machine and decide what it needs. Sometimes we can solve problems on the spot.
The shop is located in SewGreen reuse store,
112 North Cayuga Street, downtown Ithaca NY.


We will thoroughly inspect and test your machine to assess its overall condition. We can advise you on how to use the machine properly, and how to solve and prevent common problems with stitches. If we discover something broken that we can't fix, we'll recommend a full-service shop. We charge $0 to $15 for this service.


A tune-up involves cleaning, lubricating, and improving the performance of a machine in reasonably good working order. It may involve minor repairs. A typical tune-up costs $35, plus the cost of any replacement parts.

We are not always able to repair a machine that has a broken part or is very rusty. If we can make a repair, the cost will reflect our time and materials. If we cannot, we will refer you to full-service repair shops in the region.